Community College East Gippsland takes Safe Food Handling online

Listen to Junita Lyon outline her journey in preparing for and delivering her first online teaching experience.

This story traces a community education project that enabled a very small coomunity college located in a remote area of southern to use technolgy as part of a blended delivery strategy for adult learners. Community College East Gippsland has a long standing partnership with the Bendoc community in East Gippsland. Bendoc is a remote community with limited employment prospects. In fact the pub is the greatest employer in the immediate area. There is a real need in the community for the basic food handling course, as it is a prerequisite to obtaining employment in the pub. The AccessACE project enabled CCEG to develop a fully online course in food handling in partnership with Bendoc Progress Association.

Delivery Map

You an also download a visual representation of the course, called a delivery map.
This map describes the overall delivery structure of the program.


1. Synchronous Sessions: Wimba Live Classroom supported by Email
2. Facilitation: Communication technologies linking to home or workplace
3. Research: web page research activities
  • Fully online through synchronous online classroom delviery
  • Exercises in a workbook and oline through the polling tool
  • Extensive support online and through telephone etc..