Where are we at?

CCEG was asked to plot themselves on a perspectives continuum that sought to plot their e-learning journey and give us two moments in time - before and after the project. Below is a visual representation of the perspectives document. This shows where CCEG placed theselves on the continuum at the conclusion of the project.

CCEG perspective before commencement of the trial
CCEG perspectives after completion of the trial

The following is a summary of an interview conducted with the project team after they had completed their e-learning trial, and plotted themselves again on the perspectvies document

ICT in the community

CCEG reports that they have a wider reach now- it now is possible for people further away to do accredited training online without leaving their home or community.
Anecdoal evidence and enrolment information shows that they have to meet a range of skills, knowledge and ability in offering ICT enabled teaching and learning opportunities, as their community ranges from a large percentage of confident IT users to dabblers and others who have not yet started.
Not many of the participants in full face-toface certificate courses have email access. This would be due to n economic reasons: underemployed or unemployed.
The outlying smaller communities were surveyed as part of a Community Engagement project. Participants responded to a question regarding their current use of ICTs. Of the 8 communnity representatives interviewed, 3 described their skills as basic, with the other 5 indicating that they were average computer users.
Participants were asked to comment on their perception of community use. One community representative commented:
There are many people in our community who are not at all interested in computers and how they can be of use. You won’t change that. On the other hand there are quite a few who are at last realizing that by using a computer you can access all types of things. I showed the craft ladies how to access jewelry sites to find ideas on what to make, etc. Also on the history side of things I have engaged a few people in becoming interested in researching their families on the web and are finding a lot of things that they did not previously know.

Community reach and readiness

In offering Safe Food Handling online CCEG concluded that they delivered something that had not been delivered before. It was evident that there is potential to expand that considerably. CCEG confirms that they definitely have a wider reach now - it now is possible for people seperated by distance to do accredited training.
The interest in e-learning and online learning has increased. It is still fairly small but the interest is there. Interest is happening because CCEG is now making it available through the current brochure which gives online training as a viable option.

How viable is it to offer online education to the average ACFE client?
As the younger people go through school they will be come the adult learner of tomorrow. CCEG is congnisant of the fact that they will be working with people who will expect computer delivery.
Thye expect this to happen within the next few years ( 3 - 4) years if not sooner.
ICT will have to be an intergral part of how the course is delivered. Open access computer facilities are on offer at CCEG , but it does not solve all the problems around access and availability.


This project was conducted alongside a national project funded under the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Access to a larger bucket of funding has made a difference in that it bought more time to put the processes in place. The synergy with the community engagement project has impacted sigfnificantly on the reach and extended its sustainability.